I'm still in the middle of my big CSS Reboot redesign/rebuild and last night I hit a surprising problem. After listening to the WE05 Podcasts I decided to opt for a liquid layout but found that certain browser widths were giving me a 1px variance in Firefox. Apparently it's a rounding error in Gecko (not IE for once) and it annoys me something chronic.

I recently emailed my local ISP Orcon telling them why they should switch to a web standards based design. As always it was a compelling argument. A week or two later I found that they'd started converting their website as I had suggested. I haven't heard anything from Orcon so I'm not sure whether or not it was my email that convinced them but never the less, I should have been happy that they'd made the jump right? Well, yes and no.

In one month the face of the world wide web will change forever. Ok, that was a little over-the-top and melodramatic but the point is, exactly one month from today over 650 websites will be changing in unison. It's all part of the November 1 CSS Reboot 2005. They call it the Fall 2005 CSS Reboot, but I won't. For me it's Spring. Some people don't like the Reboot idea, I do. Sure there's a temporary sensory overload as you try to see all the new websites but they're all so beautiful.

Today is my 20th Birthday. I have realised that I'm now starting to reach that point in everyone's life where you stop looking forward to your Birthday. I have to ask the question: Where did my childhood go? Life seems to be both the longest and shortest things that you will ever experience.

Two posts in one day, this is a first for me. I could have left this to another day but I've decided to vent my frustration now while it's still fresh.

I recently attempted to make my way to WE05. I held out hope of getting their for as long as humanly possible but I'm afraid that I won't be making it this year. I do however have 12 months to save for my trip to WE06. Interestingly enough the domain we06.com has been registered for some Harvard Glider project so it may not be called WE06.

Ever wanted to layer multiple backgrounds on a single element? I know I sure have, with my title for instance. I had to worry about adding excess elements just to have something to assign a background to. There's 4 different backgrounds on 4 different elements.

gVisit is a neat little tool that tracks recent visitors to your site and displays the data as locations on a Google Map. The standard version can only track about the last 20 visitors to your site however, if you donate to the development of gVisit you'll be able to track the last 100 visitors as well as remove all advertising.

He was once my friend. He would help me everyday and never let me down. He was always there when ever I needed him. I once told everyone how much of an asset he was and how I couldn't live without him.

A couple of months ago I considered attending Web Essentials 2005 but decided that like most students, I just can't afford it. I've since decided that this is something that I really need to attend, and it's in just under two months. WE05 will be a great chance to make some great contacts in the web-standards world and do some serious learning from the greats who will be presenting.