Ever wanted to layer multiple backgrounds on a single element? I know I sure have, with my title for instance. I had to worry about adding excess elements just to have something to assign a background to. There’s 4 different backgrounds on 4 different elements.

The CSS3 recommendation will allow for multiple backgrounds, assigned to a single element and ordered by the order that they’re declared. It appears however that Safari and Konqueror already support this ability. This is the sort of great thing that we have to look forward to in the near future of web design. Hopefully IE7 will support this by beta 2 or beta 3 as I don’t think it’s a very big thing to add.

In other news:

Today I watched A List Apart 4.0 come online. A List Apart has been one of my favourite websites since joining the web standards community (in fact ALA is the reason I converted to standards) and I’m glad to see this new format which will hopefully involve a lot of fresh new content.