Today is my 20th Birthday. I have realised that I’m now starting to reach that point in everyone’s life where you stop looking forward to your Birthday. I have to ask the question: Where did my childhood go? Life seems to be both the longest and shortest things that you will ever experience.

I have decided that this, my 21st year will be a year to define who I am. I’ve already been working out and getting more physical for a few months now, a big achievement in itself as like a lot of computer geeks I was never very active. I’ll also be focusing more on my studies and trying to have a bit more self confidence in myself in general.

One of my birthday presents was what all young men must want for their birthdays, Bulletproof Web Design written by one of my favourite designers, Dan Cederholm. It is a beautiful book and is a little more up to date then Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards (published in 2003), the only other web design book that I own. I suggest Bulletproof Web Design for all aspiring web designers, even if you have not yet joined the glorious world of web standards.

Pictures of Bulletproof Web Design