Hate me Do it and do it again Waste me Rape me, my friend

Yes it is I, Keri Henare with a long overdue (but brief) blog update. It's been almost three months since my last confession... I mean entry. I've been a very busy boy.

While I'm in America the easiest way to contact me is still by email. However I do have an American mobile number while I'm here too. +1 646 709 3629 Please TXT only because phone calls cost me money.

I am now in America, but before I left New Zealand I was without any real internet access for a month. So many things that I wanted to get finished before I left, didn't get done.

I've been at Webstock all morning here in the lovely Wellington. I'm staying at Nomads which is just across the road from the venue (Wellington Old Town Hall) so It's pretty convenient for me. Running out of internet credit so I can't really make a big post until I'm back in Auckland.

After I thought my days of Dreamhost downtime were over, it happened yet again. It wasn't a total outage across all of my sites this time. However, when everything came back up I had lost an entire database. I don't mean that it was corrupted or deleted, the whole database has vanished. My Dreamhost Control Panel doesn't even show signs that it ever existed anymore. This could only be made worse by the fact that I am a terrible person for backups. Terrible in the fact that I don't tend to ever do them.

I consider my latest CSS Reboot attempt to be a failure. If you wish to follow my new redesign head to CSS Refresh to follow my redesign blog.

I just received a link to an image showing how Microsoft's web designers are web standards enthusiasts like the rest of us. It may not be something new but I think that it's hilarious. It's all been fixed up now.

I've been a uni student and I'm about to be a tourist (a broke one) so I've learn't all about being cheap. And nothing says cheap like free software. I also happen to be a huge fan of fun viral marketing initiatives which is why I have to link you to macZOT it's all about promoting new software for mac. If you post about the website within the next few hours you could get yourself some cool new software for free.

Hold your applause, I have to clarify: I (kerihenare.com) am getting naked for Dunstin Diaz's First Annual Naked Day. I (Keri Henare the person) will be keeping my clothes on unless requested otherwise.