I am now in America, but before I left New Zealand I was without any real internet access for a month. So many things that I wanted to get finished before I left, didn’t get done.

I never got to complete my CSS Refresh, which totally sucks because I was doing so well. I might get someone back home to upload the template for me at some stage because I think that the mark up was really good. As usual I focussed on semantics as much as possible. After listening to Darren Fittler talk at Webstock I realised that my website really wasn’t as accessible as I thought, the new design completely fixed this and has WAI-3 compliance.

So I’m sitting in the computer room at the Chelsea International Hostel, it’s insanely hot and I’m still suffering from jet-lag. I quickly added a photos link to the navigation which will take you to my photo gallery at Flickr. Running out of internet credit so have to go.