Since it was posted on ieBlog that some existing CSS filters will no longer work on future versions of Internet Explorer (including the upcoming IE7) there has been a bit of a buzz about the disappearance of the commonly used Star-Hack. Filters have become a necessary evil in order to resolve bugs and inconsistencies with the browsers. In an ideal world where all browsers behaved the same way and were bug-free we wouldn't need filters, however that world does not exist. At the same time filters are all about exploiting other bugs in browsers in order to get them to ignore sections of code or to parse sections that other browsers wont.

Just a quick note that my portfolio is back up and running, as usual all comments are welcome. I'll add some more recent work soon.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to beautiful Matarangi on the Coromandel Peninsula. It's the third annual trip that I've organised for myself and a group of friends that I used to go to High School with. I can look forward to five days of lying in the sun and swimming in the cool sea. It may not be as exotic as Molly's Eastern Caribbean Cruise but I'll try and bring back some photo's of the beautiful beach.

I'm sitting in an internet cafe on the main street of Auckland's city centre at 2:45 in the morning and seeing as I've got time to kill I thought I'd hit the ol' Wordpress.

Molly Holzschlag writes an open letter to Disney Store UK about their recent redesign.

The clock hath struck midnight (GMT +12, +1 for daylight savings) which means that it is time for the unveiling of my Fall 2005 CSS Reboot.

What does inspired really mean?

Today marks the first day of Blind Week here in New Zealand. With the CSS Reboot exactly one week away it's a good last chance for all rebooters to make sure that their new websites will accessible for the blind and for those with other vision impairments. The added accessibility is worth both your time and your effort.

I'm still in the middle of my big CSS Reboot redesign/rebuild and last night I hit a surprising problem. After listening to the WE05 Podcasts I decided to opt for a liquid layout but found that certain browser widths were giving me a 1px variance in Firefox. Apparently it's a rounding error in Gecko (not IE for once) and it annoys me something chronic.

I recently emailed my local ISP Orcon telling them why they should switch to a web standards based design. As always it was a compelling argument. A week or two later I found that they'd started converting their website as I had suggested. I haven't heard anything from Orcon so I'm not sure whether or not it was my email that convinced them but never the less, I should have been happy that they'd made the jump right? Well, yes and no.

In one month the face of the world wide web will change forever. Ok, that was a little over-the-top and melodramatic but the point is, exactly one month from today over 650 websites will be changing in unison. It's all part of the November 1 CSS Reboot 2005. They call it the Fall 2005 CSS Reboot, but I won't. For me it's Spring. Some people don't like the Reboot idea, I do. Sure there's a temporary sensory overload as you try to see all the new websites but they're all so beautiful.

Today is my 20th Birthday. I have realised that I'm now starting to reach that point in everyone's life where you stop looking forward to your Birthday. I have to ask the question: Where did my childhood go? Life seems to be both the longest and shortest things that you will ever experience.

Two posts in one day, this is a first for me. I could have left this to another day but I've decided to vent my frustration now while it's still fresh.

I recently attempted to make my way to WE05. I held out hope of getting their for as long as humanly possible but I'm afraid that I won't be making it this year. I do however have 12 months to save for my trip to WE06. Interestingly enough the domain has been registered for some Harvard Glider project so it may not be called WE06.

Ever wanted to layer multiple backgrounds on a single element? I know I sure have, with my title for instance. I had to worry about adding excess elements just to have something to assign a background to. There's 4 different backgrounds on 4 different elements.

gVisit is a neat little tool that tracks recent visitors to your site and displays the data as locations on a Google Map. The standard version can only track about the last 20 visitors to your site however, if you donate to the development of gVisit you'll be able to track the last 100 visitors as well as remove all advertising.

He was once my friend. He would help me everyday and never let me down. He was always there when ever I needed him. I once told everyone how much of an asset he was and how I couldn't live without him.

A couple of months ago I considered attending Web Essentials 2005 but decided that like most students, I just can't afford it. I've since decided that this is something that I really need to attend, and it's in just under two months. WE05 will be a great chance to make some great contacts in the web-standards world and do some serious learning from the greats who will be presenting.

Are computer games creating a generation of violent killers? Statistically, a child born during the creation of Rock and Roll was more likely to violently offend than a child born during this era of Gaming. Who's statistics are these? The US Department of Justice.

My portfolio is finally here. This is the first time that I have put together any large collection of my own work. The portfolio currently goes back as far as early 2002 (although I'd like to hunt down some earlier work) and includes over 80 individual pieces of web design with a few logos thrown in.

As stated in my last blog entry, I recently converted my contact page to the hCard format. While I was perusing the hCard page the other day I came across something interesting in the Examples in the Wild section of the wiki. It's a link to this very website. A little research into my web-stats and the hCard page history leaves me to believe that Tantek Çelik (co-author of the hCard microformat) came across my last entry while searching Technorati for entries on microformats and decided to post it as an example of an hCard. This is a great honour as Tantek is one of the heroes of web-standards and is one of the people I look up to in my studies to become a better designer. Thank you Tantek.

It's just gone midnight and I've spent a good portion of the day working on this blog. The layout has evolved away from it's Minima roots, in fact it's had a complete rewrite of the stylesheet and html structure. The layout as you can see is still very similar to the older layout but has taken on some of the characteristics of the new logo.

As part of my efforts to make a real go of things with this website I decided that I need something that all the great blogs have, my very own logo.

Today I went round to a mate's place. His flatmate has a couple of Segways. Man are they cool! You just lean forward to go and you can get up to about 25kph.

Go and see it! Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Episode 3) is a very fine movie. Well scripted and well Directed, bravo George Lucas. Forget your objections about Episodes 1 and 2 like we all had, Revenge of the Sith is closer to the originals than it's two companions in the trilogy. But be ready for a Star Wars mold-breaker. By the way, if you pay close attention you will be rewarded with some big plot hints. Go and see it!

Over the last few days I treated myself to some new domains. Firstly, and StoryBurst is a new project that I've started work on based around interactive story telling, to say anymore would give everything away. I'll keep you informed about StoryBurst once a beta site is fully operational.

Do you ever think to yourself, "That's perfect blog material. If only I had a blog."? I do (all the time) so I decided to set up my own blog.