As stated in my last blog entry, I recently converted my contact page to the hCard format. While I was perusing the hCard page the other day I came across something interesting in the Examples in the Wild section of the wiki. It’s a link to this very website. A little research into my web-stats and the hCard page history leaves me to believe that Tantek Çelik (co-author of the hCard microformat) came across my last entry while searching Technorati for entries on microformats and decided to post it as an example of an hCard. This is a great honour as Tantek is one of the heroes of web-standards and is one of the people I look up to in my studies to become a better designer. Thank you Tantek.

Any issues with Safari and Opera should now be fixed. I hope to have the portfolio and about pages up within a week, before my work-load at Uni starts to get heavy.