I have mixed feelings about buzz-words. They save you the time of having to say or write a ridiculously long name but at the same time they become representative of so many things, both good and bad. The obvious example here is Ajax which, let's face it is far easier than typing Asynchronous JavaScript and XML all of the time. Not to mention that Ajax just sounds cool. We have Jesse James Garrett to thank for the term, and when I first read his article Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications I was really excited. Here was a way to change the content of a page without the annoying page reload, the birth of true web applications. But sometimes the web moves too fast for it's own good.

I've been a growing fan of Apple Computers for several years now and over the last 18 months they've really become a passion of mine. While travelling I got to have some great Apple experiences thanks to my good mate Hayden and his lovely friends Pam and Paul Costa. Pam and Paul are both Apple employees and Apple fans (Paul is the Lead Engineer on the iMac). They put us up for several nights in their beautiful home in Sunnyvale where proudly displayed is this poster. We got to watch a game of Segway Polo featuring none other than Mr Steve Wozniak followed by lunch with all of the Segway Polo players and a quick tour of the Apple Campus at Cupertino.

Recently I celebrated by 21st Birthday (now back home in New Zealand) and my beautiful girlfriend Carmen read to me a profile of people born on September 30th. I'm not usually one to believe in things like this but I thought that it was rather fitting in a lot of ways so I thought that I'd share it.