I’ve been a growing fan of Apple Computers for several years now and over the last 18 months they’ve really become a passion of mine. While travelling I got to have some great Apple experiences thanks to my good mate Hayden and his lovely friends Pam and Paul Costa. Pam and Paul are both Apple employees and Apple fans (Paul is the Lead Engineer on the iMac). They put us up for several nights in their beautiful home in Sunnyvale where proudly displayed is this poster. We got to watch a game of Segway Polo featuring none other than Mr Steve Wozniak followed by lunch with all of the Segway Polo players and a quick tour of the Apple Campus at Cupertino.

Hayden, myself and our third travelling companion Tarryn (the Australian) went on a road trip out to Yosemite National Park which (as Hayden pointed out) is home of the Apple Mac demonstration content used in stores the world over. Yosemite is absolutely beautiful with amazing scenery and wildlife.

Apple MacBook (Black)

Then most recent is my purchase of the first Apple Mac which is truly my own, my MacBook. Finally I can do all my web design work and ranting on the go and in style. And I don’t feel like the only web standards fanatic not using a Mac anymore. I’m completely in love with my MacBook. Now I just need to score myself a job working in one of the two Apple stores in Manchester.