Recently I celebrated by 21st Birthday (now back home in New Zealand) and my beautiful girlfriend Carmen read to me a profile of people born on September 30th. I’m not usually one to believe in things like this but I thought that it was rather fitting in a lot of ways so I thought that I’d share it.

Those born on September 30th are adept at ferreting the truth and bringing it to light. Their perfectionist nature is manifest in their work habits. These are people who really do their homework before opening their mouths, and although they can be impulsive, usually have some heavy ammunition to support their opinions. In bringing the truth to light some born on this day see themselves as representing a cause, and as such are idealists, no matter how negative the material they are revealing. September 30th people are highly attractive, if not physically then in their personality. Their appearance is important to them in public, as far as dress, speech and demeanour are concerned. Perhaps this is because they want to appear invulnerable - it is often true that September 30th people are concealing some truths about themselves that they do not wish to have revealed.

For the most part those born on this day are not schooled or scholarly trained individuals but rather people who have learnt through the hard lessons of experience. September 30th people can also assume scholarly status through their own form of thorough study and in their field can come to be regarded as experts. It is usually very difficult to disagree with their arguments since they are able to amass such an impressive body of knowledge to back up what they say. Whether conventional or unconventional, September 30th people often use their appearance to attract attention - they can be masterful in presenting a public image and in holding the attention of family and friends.

Highly attuned to the human condition, those born on this day understand people and their motives very well. They must beware of becoming manipulative in this respect and of using others to further their own needs. There is certainly a good chance that September 30th people will grow overly accusatory, judgemental or fond of pointing a righteous finger at those they believe compromise the truth in some way. This tendency to be an accusing angel can really get out of hand, and can even make others adopt an instinctively defensive posture in their presence September 30th people must thus work on being more accepting and less condemning.

On the other hand, those born on this day are usually quite capable of defending themselves, and although sensitive, can shrug off many an attack (due to their innate self-confidence). Since they are largely self-taught at what they do, and have graduated from 'the school of hard knocks’, they have an essential toughness, which will always protect them. September 30th people should try to remain sympathetic to others however by displaying this toughness in defence rather than offence, since they inevitably turn people off when they get too aggressive. Those born on September 30th are generally good with money, and can make shrewd investments, which guarantee their financial stability.


  • Curious
  • Knowledgeable
  • Impressive


  • Judgemental
  • Accusatory
  • Self-righteous

In a side-note I’ve just put a new Curriculum Vitae up as I’m currently looking for a job. I’m moving to England at the end of the month and am looking for employment there.