is now completely moved to DreamHost and thanks to the great setup at my new host I was able to do it seamlessly without anyone noticing.

If you've been living under a rock (cliche I know) for the last week then you probably wouldn't know that a new build of the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview has been released. The major thing about this release is that it features a basically finalised rendering engine. I only just got around to downloading it today. There's a little bit to do to get IE7 to be completely stand alone rather than replacing IE6 but I need both for testing. So far this site looks ok mostly. The higher security settings that are native to IE7 seem to have disabled the JavaScript for the portfolio section and there's a weird bug in the hCard. I probably won't fix these as I'm still aiming for a May 1st Reboot which should be well before the final release of IE7 and there should be no major IE7 issues.

The team at Web Standards New Zealand have put together a conference for this May called Webstock. Unlike last year's WE05, I will be at Webstock and I'm really looking forward to it. Douglas Bowman, Kelly Goto and Joe Clark are all going to be giving presentations.

As I'm heading overseas to travel I've decided to switch to a US based webhost. I've been hosted at iServe in New Zealand since I decided to start my own website. Friends tried to convince me to move my hosting offshore to take advantage of the lower pricing, but I've always been a loyal kiwi. iServe have been a great host and I recommend them to all New Zealanders.

One of my favourite designers (possibly my all time favourite) Dan Cederholm has yet again realigned his website with a nice new design called Araknoid.

I've rewritten my contact page so that it's now a bit more attractive and works better when translated to vCard format. I've done some testing with Windows Address Book and the OS X Address Book and all seems fine. Please feel free to point out any problems you may find with the hCard otherwise any suggestions that you have.