As I’m heading overseas to travel I’ve decided to switch to a US based webhost. I’ve been hosted at iServe in New Zealand since I decided to start my own website. Friends tried to convince me to move my hosting offshore to take advantage of the lower pricing, but I’ve always been a loyal kiwi. iServe have been a great host and I recommend them to all New Zealanders.

My needs have changed now. I won’t be in New Zealand, I’ll be in America, maybe Canada and later all over Europe. So I’ll need easy and quick access to my FTP and email. I also plan to open a few sites based on concepts that I’ve been working on which will involve a lot more international traffic.

So the question now is who to host with. I narrowed it down to two contenders, Media Temple and DreamHost. I chose these two because they seemed to be the two most used in the web standards industry. It was a little confusing because everyone seemed to support their host equally.

Media Temple


For the plans that I was looking at DreamHost seemed to have more on offer, but there was just something so appealing about Media Temple. I suddenly noticed that everyone who suggested Media Temple was on the Dedicated-Virtual plan, not the Shared-Server plan that I was looking at. So I decided to go with DreamHost as their Level 1 plan suits me best.

The winner is DreamHost

Thanks Mike for the extra DreamHost users.