Are computer games creating a generation of violent killers? Statistically, a child born during the creation of Rock and Roll was more likely to violently offend than a child born during this era of Gaming. Who's statistics are these? The US Department of Justice.

My portfolio is finally here. This is the first time that I have put together any large collection of my own work. The portfolio currently goes back as far as early 2002 (although I'd like to hunt down some earlier work) and includes over 80 individual pieces of web design with a few logos thrown in.

As stated in my last blog entry, I recently converted my contact page to the hCard format. While I was perusing the hCard page the other day I came across something interesting in the Examples in the Wild section of the wiki. It's a link to this very website. A little research into my web-stats and the hCard page history leaves me to believe that Tantek Çelik (co-author of the hCard microformat) came across my last entry while searching Technorati for entries on microformats and decided to post it as an example of an hCard. This is a great honour as Tantek is one of the heroes of web-standards and is one of the people I look up to in my studies to become a better designer. Thank you Tantek.

It's just gone midnight and I've spent a good portion of the day working on this blog. The layout has evolved away from it's Minima roots, in fact it's had a complete rewrite of the stylesheet and html structure. The layout as you can see is still very similar to the older layout but has taken on some of the characteristics of the new logo.