Since I joined Vend a little over two years ago our team has grown from a few desks in a corner to four offices across the globe. Over that time the industry has exploded, bringing lots of competition (and a few clones) but also validating Vend’s existence. I have loved working at Vend, but sadly my time to move on has arrived.

From the first moment that I saw Vend, it has been a product that I have strongly believed in and the last two years have only strengthened that belief. Vend has a great product but more than that, Vaughan has built a company with ethics and personality in its DNA. There’s an official policy that states “Don’t be a dick” which epitomises Vend culture. Vend hires not only good employees, but good people. The Vend team are a family of wonderful, intelligent and extremely talented people who are focused on making the lives of retailers better.

As employee number ten, it has been a privilege to see Vend grow to now around 90 (it’s hard to keep track). We have offices in Auckland, San Francisco, Melbourne and Toronto. There are happy Vend customers in almost every country on the planet, from a sports store in Iceland to a clothing store in Nigeria.

I would love to stay at Vend for the foreseeable future, however obligations require me to be elsewhere. A start-up that I’ve been involved with for four years has now grown to the size where it needs my full-time attention.

From February, I’ll be the sole developer supporting a busy online retailer (more info in a future blog post). Vend on the other hand has an awesome Engineering team of around two dozen. It was a hard decision to leave Vend but it was clear where I was needed most.

If you feel like replacing me or you just want to be part of a great team, have a chat with Kirsti or visit the Vend Careers page.

I’m grateful for the time I’ve had at Vend, the people I’ve met, the things I’ve learnt and the chance to be part of a team who are doing amazing things on a daily basis.

I will miss being at Vend, but I’ll always be a Vender.


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