When I was twelve I picked up a book, not because I had any interest in reading it but because I was forced to read something (good old SSR). The book was Tomorrow, When the War Began and it instantly became the favourite book of my youth. I hit the library the same week a took out every book in the series that had been released so far. Since then, I have read every book in the Tomorrow series and it's spin off The Ellie Chronicles.

As a rule, we only deploy websites from Subversion and this is something that we made company policy long ago. However, there are times when we are limited to FTP access and for these occasions it's good to have a decent FTP client. Panic's Transmit has, for a long time, set the standard for FTP clients on Mac OS X.

I dropped out of University twice. Computer Science didn't turn out to be as interesting as I had hoped and I was too young to appreciate tertiary education. If I had studied film I probably would have been more interested, but I couldn't see the career relevance. I have since regretted not having any form of qualification.

HTML5, I love the idea but I often find myself having issues with the ongoing saga of politics around it. Faruk Ateş recently wrote of The Battlefield of HTML5 (it's a good read if you haven't already) and made one suggestion that I completely support, Modularised HTML5.

I realised the other day that I have quite a few Transformers t-shirts. This won't surprise many that know me because I'm a massive Transformers fan. For those who didn't know, yeah, I just got geekier. I love my Transformers t-shirts and I've decided to wear a different one to work each day this week. I know that I've got at least enough to cover this four day week, so I might even continue on after that.

It's been a long time since I've given my blog any decent amount of loving. I've often talked about the things that I've wanted to do but my dreams often didn't produce any tangible results. I have created more design concepts for this website than I care to think about and have many gigabytes of hard drive space taken up by concepts in photoshop format. Some concepts even reached the HTML or Wordpress theme stage, but none went live. In terms of development, I've looked reworking and extending Wordpress many times and have even looked at developing a Django-powered version. Nothing came from my redevelopment attempts either. That is, not until today.