I’m not the kind of person who makes new years resolutions. The new years resolution is the ultimate form of procrastination and let’s you put absolutely anything off for an entire year.

I’m one of those people who resolves not to make resolutions. (And yes, I do see the flaw in that logic.) I do however, want to make sure that this year is a fulfilling year and that I regret as little as possible. This is the year of no promises.

Promises make you feel obligated and trapped. When you can’t meet a promise, you just end up feeling bad. If that promise is to update your blog (content, design or code) and you don’t do it, then it’s plain embarrassing.

Therefore, this year I promise nothing. I do want to update this blog and this website in general, but if and when that will happen, even I don’t know.

But I do have goals for this year:

  • I want to go sky diving.
  • I want to launch my gaming website project, Game NZ.
  • I want to be debt free (or at least reduce my debt down to just a much smaller student loan).
  • I want to start and finish One Hundred Push-ups.