I really like CakePHP and as I have previously mentioned, I had been intending to use it for the all new KeriHenare.com. However, I’ve decided to forget that and try something really new.

I would therefore like to announce that development of the new version of this site is underway right now and it is being developed in Python, using the Django framework. I’d been considering this change for a while now but it’s all a whole new world to me. Until a week ago I knew absolutely no Python. I’ve now started reading Mark Pilgrim’s Dive into Python which I’ve found to be one of the best resources that I’ve ever come across for learning a new language. Luckily for me Django is aimed more at designers than hardcore coders so it’s pretty easy to get started with. I’m really excited about this change to Django and I think that Django has a really promising future.

As always, keep coming back for updates. I’ll try to post a bit more often… At least I hope to try.