It has been an incredibly long 11 months (to the day) since I last posted on this blog. Sorry.

I had originally planned a quick redesign back in about April 2006, but then I went travelling. And then I came to England. And then I just never seemed to have the time. I took the blog down in an attempt to motivate me to get something done, but that didn’t work. What can I say, other than :

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.

I’m now in the middle of a redesign and the development of a custom content management system powered by CakePHP. In the meantime, I have put this simple Wordpress blog back up simply because I don’t feel that I can keep quiet. I need to Blog! This isn’t official Version 3 of, more like Version 3 Prologue. This isn’t a reflection of the finished product but something to get me moving along.