I just received a link to an image showing how Microsoft's web designers are web standards enthusiasts like the rest of us. It may not be something new but I think that it's hilarious. It's all been fixed up now.

I've been a uni student and I'm about to be a tourist (a broke one) so I've learn't all about being cheap. And nothing says cheap like free software. I also happen to be a huge fan of fun viral marketing initiatives which is why I have to link you to macZOT it's all about promoting new software for mac. If you post about the website within the next few hours you could get yourself some cool new software for free.

Hold your applause, I have to clarify: I (kerihenare.com) am getting naked for Dunstin Diaz's First Annual Naked Day. I (Keri Henare the person) will be keeping my clothes on unless requested otherwise.