Curriculum Vitae

Senior Developer

I created my first web page when I was 12 and I was instantly hooked. My career has been split between building both server-side and client-side applications. I enjoy solving problems, improving usability and optimizing for efficiency. I have built web applications for some of New Zealand's most well-known brands. I was an early developer at Vend, and a co-founder of Onceit.


Founder, Ravage (Aug 2014 - present)

A start-up to help musicians grow their fan base.

  • Created a Docker-based production environment.
  • Built internal development tools to monitor and restart micro-services.

Co-Founder/Technical Partner, Onceit (Jan 2010 - Sep 2015)

An online store selling limited quantities of designer clothing at discounted prices.

  • Developed an e-commerce system to sell limited quantities of products under large demand.
  • Deployed Varnish to reduce server load and improve responsiveness.
  • Created analytics system for business data.

In 2014, I spent 7 months working full-time on Onceit. I completed a backlog of improvements and assembled a permanent development team.

  • Deployed new server infrastructure to make scaling easier.
  • Transitioned to Fastly's managed Varnish service, reducing traffic to servers by 92%.
  • Split the website into separate API and client services. This allowed the API to power native mobile apps.
  • Developed internal tools to streamline, and increase accuracy, during order fulfillment.
  • Rewrote a complex, multi-stage checkout system into an easy, single page process.
  • Hired and trained new developers.

Senior Developer, Vend (Oct 2011 - Jan 2014)

An offline-capable, browser-based point-of-sale system.

  • Was responsible for an offline-capable, single-page point of sale application.
  • Implemented a postMessage-based JS API for payment system integrations.
  • Worked with API consumers to support and improve their integrations.

Lead Developer, Pixel Fusion (May 2008 - Oct 2011)

A software development company specializing in bespoke solutions.

  • Technical lead on all projects.
  • Hired, trained, and mentored junior developers.
  • Built an in-house content management system with a rich, desktop-style, ExtJS application.
  • Created a vehicle booking management single-page application.
  • Optimized a data import tool to reduce import times by 94%.


  • Version control: Git, Subversion.
  • Sysadmin: Ubuntu, Debian, Nginx, Apache, Docker, Vagrant, Varnish.
  • PHP: symfony1, Symfony2/3, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress.
  • Node: Express, Kraken, Hapi.
  • Database: MySQL, SQLite.
  • JS: jQuery, Backbone, React, Redux.
  • CSS: SCSS, LESS, Bootstrap, Foundation.
  • Build tools: Webpack, Gulp, Grunt.


Zend Certified PHP5 Engineer (2010)


An Introduction to Visual Web Developer, .Net Magazine, Issue 165 (Apr 2007)

An introduction to Microsoft Visual Web Developer and ASP.NET

Cord Layouts, .Net Magazine, Issue 163 (Feb 2007)

How to create accessible, content orientated, resolution dependent layouts with CSS and JavaScript. (Before support for media queries in browsers)


The University of Auckland (2004 - 2005)

BSc Computer Science (incomplete)