I just completed my 2006 Census form and for the first time ever, I did it online. Being the web-savvy geek that I am I had decided to scrap pen-and-paper in favour of the web interface as soon as I heard that it was an option.

I was also very happy when the paperwork turned up and I saw the list of suggested browsers:

  • Internet Explorer v4.0 and above, excluding Macintosh platforms
  • Netscape Navigator v6.0 and above
  • Mozilla v1.0 and above, including Firefox
  • Safari v1.2 and above
  • Opera v7.0 and above

Now sure some people will be missing out here (like the people running Internet Explorer on brightly coloured old iMacs) but it looks to me like the development team researched the target audience pretty well. I love living in a country where the government supports web standards.