https://kerihena.reKeri Henare2015-09-09T01:39:00ZKeri Henarehttps://kerihena.reCopyright © 2005 - 2020 Keri Henare. All rights reserved. NZ Flag Referendum is flawed2015-09-09T01:39:00ZThe referendum to decide on New Zealand's next flag has been advertised as "your chance to decide", but how much decision making power do we really have? The public were able to submit entries and will get to vote on which flag will be the final choice to challenge our existing flag. However, the flags that comprise the shortlist has been decided entirely by a panel of 12. This panel's selection has introduced a flaw that will skew the outcome of the referendum. Another Rebuild2015-03-10T21:30:00ZIn a couple of months this blog will have been running for a decade. The website started as just a mechanism to throw my thoughts into the ether. Over the years however, as I've pushed myself as a web developer, it's become a more of a sandbox for experimentation. Marriage2014-02-10T17:15:00ZIt's been ten months since the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill became law in New Zealand. Bob McCoskrie, still outraged at the idea of loving couples being joined in marriage, has resigned as a marriage celebrant in protest. So I've decided to fill his spot. Vend2014-01-13T12:38:00ZSince I joined Vend a little over two years ago our team has grown from a few desks in a corner to four offices across the globe. Over that time the industry has exploded, bringing lots of competition (and a few clones) but also validating Vend's existence. I have loved working at Vend, but sadly my time to move on has arrived. Adoption Misconception2013-04-15T09:45:00ZWe have only two days to wait until New Zealand's 50th Parliament passes Louisa Wall's Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill into law. Those opposing the bill know the likely outcome of the third reading and are getting increasingly desperate to stop the bill. Family First have tried to play the "think of the children" card, however, the reality is that their stance puts children at risk. spaces are clearly superior2013-02-28T09:30:00ZIf you follow me on twitter you'll probably know I'm very opinionated and more than happy to discuss (some would say argue or troll) my opinions. I indent with spaces, Lea Verou indents with tabs. Lea has blogged about her reasons why she thinks that tabs are superior. I'm going to provide my opposing opinion and then tell you why neither of our opinions should really matter anyway. Loyalty & Customer Appreciation2012-09-03T10:49:00ZWhen I was 15, I worked the Christmas rush at my Uncle's seafood factory and earned enough money to buy my first mobile phone. This purchase started a relationship with Vodafone which has now spanned almost half of my life. Recently I've begun to examine my relationship with Vodafone and in general, the relationship between brands and loyal customers. Marriage2012-08-29T10:59:00ZToday, Louisa Wall's Marriage Equality bill will face its first vote in parliament. A vote that is expected to pass. But there is still a lot of opposition. These opponents, in an attempt to not be perceived as bigoted, claim that they are not against gay marriage but are instead against the redefinition of marriage. Marriage2012-08-02T08:17:00ZI wrote the below article on the "Protect Marriage NZ" Facebook page but they disabled the ability for other users to write on their wall and thus destroyed my post. I'm re-posting it here for all to see. times they are a-changin2011-10-17T01:22:00ZAfter more than three great years, this will be my last week with Pixel Fusion. I have accepted a position as a Senior Developer at Vend.